5 Things I’ve Learned at my Office Job

1. Being on Time Matters

In this culture timeliness corresponds to responsibility and reliability. People notice and it does have an impact… even when you think it shouldn’t, it does. Ugh. This has been the hardest thing for me to reconcile.  If you know me (I’ve WAY gotten better!) I’m notoriously late… so trying to remedy this habit I’ve felt like a tired dog tied to a bicycle.


2. Once you start making the coffee, you can’t stop.

You become the pillar upon which the mood is set in the morning. You must not crumble.

Coffee is King

3. Your birthday, your treat

Yup– that’s right. You bring the birthday treat. I find this is remarkably odd, but I suppose this is common place. During elementary school, the birthday girl or boy would bring in treats for the whole class. And in Spain, same thing– el cumpleañero brings the cake. (Full disclosure: I broke tradition).

4. The Hierarchy is Real

*Eye roll*

5. Everyone feels the same about working

Even if people like their jobs and are content with their responsibilities everyone pretty much agrees that it’s not healthy or necessary to be there for 40+ hours a week. If it’s necessary, there’s clearly a personnel or organization issue. I’m going to be bold and go ahead and say it: anyone saying otherwise is operating  under the false pretense that they appear “hard-working” and “dedicated”– I call bullshit. I’m thinking about starting a petition for incorporating a three day weekend into every month that doesn’t already have one. This is phase one of the initiative to transition to towards working a four day, 32 hour week all of the time… Or maybe I could just keep heavily advocating for 6 hour work days. Happier people=more productivity=more $$– win- win, right?

Comment “Siesta” when you get it


Do any of these sound familiar to you? What things have you learned at your office job? Can I get a “hell yeah” in the comments below if you agree with my sentiments regarding working hours?

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