It’s been awhile. And 2016 Resolutions Stuff.

Hello there!

It has been awhile and I nearly forgot what my blog was even called. I’ve been caught up doing the “living” thing again and put this little project on the shelf… and it has collected a wee bit of dust. I could say that I regret that I didn’t stay consistent and diligent with this project, but the truth is I’m tired of being down on myself. Thus, I’d like to take this moment to celebrate that I’ve returned and that I whole heartedly intend to post on here more often!

Since the last post, much has occurred in my life. The most major of which was my decision to return back to Spain for one more year (and I have the feeling that’ll turn into another year despite how much I miss home). Yes, so I’m back in Spain enjoying a nice, albeit chaotic, 4-day, 27 hour work week. I shouldn’t complain… how could I? Well, to be honest, I could but I won’t. Not yet anyway.

Anywho, here in Spain I’ve begun the new year like many folks…idealistically:

“I’m finally gonna get the killer body I’ve been “working” for for the last year and a half.”(Until that pizza smells waayyyyy too good or until the beer).

“I’m gonna journal EVERYDAY!” (until I forget or find myself scrolling mindlessly through Facebook and taking quizzes about what kind of true inner personality I have… Natural Nurturer BTW).

“I’m gonna be less of an asshole to my loved ones!” (until they say some crazy bullshit or keep leaving their damn dishes all over the damn place… sorry, patience).

“I’m gonna learn portuguese…. or maybe french.. or like, italian.” (until two seconds later).

I’m kidding. Sort of.

In all seriousness, I’m going to put myself out there and share my resolutions with you all. And get this, I truly believe I’m going to get them done. So laugh at their cheesiness, laugh at their impossibility, laugh because you know damn well if you actually made some resolutions for your sorry self you’d have put some similar shit.

  1. Study a Masters.
    1. Yes, I plan on staying in Spain for another year. I’d like to get a masters for about a 100th of the price of one in the United States, and going to Granada, Valenciaor Barcelona doesn’t sound too shabby. I’m going to apply, and if I get accepted… well, that’s up to the good lord of the universe.
  2. Write more.
    1. I’ve been doing well with this, now the consistency and discipline part will be proven in time. I’d like to write on here at least once a week, but since I plan on working on some short stories I’ll be happy if I post consistently once a month something of quality.
  3. Read a minimum of 20 books.
    1. After writing this one it was pointed out to me that this means approximately two books a month.. and good lord, that seemed daunting. But then again, it’s all about perspective, discipline and consistency. With a bit of bedtime reading instead of draining my brain (and my eyes) scrolling through buzzfeed articles on my phone, and this resolution could be a sinch.
  4. Learn to play a song on the guitar.
    1. I’ve been wanting to do this for….10 years or so. They you can learn guitar in 10 minutes a day. And it’s true, but I get discouraged easily because rhythm is hard for me and I don’t have anyone on my ass about it. This requires pure self-discipline (seems to be a theme occurring here…) so I’m excited to put myself to the test. Also, my fabulous partner in crime bought me a metronome for Christmas to make this goal a bit more achievable.
  5. Be more present and find the Tao again.
    1. This is the last one, but it certainly isn’t the least. In all of the things I seek to do and am required to do, being present is of the utmost importance if I hope to do the best I can. Especially with my students and writing. The Tao was something I found when I was 16 or 17, and it just makes sense to me. Some people find Jesus, and well, the Holy Spirit or the Tao has always resonated more with me. Maybe one of the twenty books I read will be another go at the “The Tao of Pooh”  or “The Te of Piglet”(both highly recommended).

So there you have it. If you wrote some resolutions, do share! I’d love to see your goals. If you haven’t, don’t let those naysayers get to you; it’s excellent and exciting to challenge yourself and it’s enriching to fail. So come on, set yourself up for failure with me.. it’ll be fun!

P.S. Jesus rocks…for so many reasons, but one of my favorites is his hangry episode with the fig tree.

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