Summer, Summer, Summer Time

This is part III of a four part recap of my life up until the present moment. These posts won’t be super detail specific and are designed to simply catch you up to speed with where I am. After these posts I will dive into the colorful particulars of more profound moments and experiences I’ve been having and yummy food I’ve been tasting here in Spain’s breadbasket. 

After a roller coaster ride of a year in Spain, I was on American soil again. My first stop was Boston for my cousin’s wedding. It was truly perfect timing; I return home and get to see a large portion of my family. It was a good buffer between finishing work in Spain and starting work again in Wisconsin. The short four day visit in Boston ended with a flight to Milwaukee where I reunited with my beautiful kitten, Malakeh, And our other badass furry family member, Missy. Mala isn’t really a kitten anymore and she is. She’s a blue-point siamese and as elegant as a runway model, but as clumsy as one walking in stilettos on cobblestone. And I’m obsessed with her.

Missy and I, chillin'. (She's going to be 18 this year.)
Missy and I, chillin’. (She’s going to be 18 this year.)
Malakeh Roo, lounging by the pool.
Malakeh Roo, lounging by the pool.

Also, I was able to see many of my friends again. Some only briefly, some only once, a few of you a few times, and some not at all, unfortunately. This summer I hope to see more of you and more often. (For example, at

the Epic Ultimate American Fourth of July Party).

But soon after I arrived home, I had to pick up and move to Madison for six weeks to begin working as a Program Leader for the Madison summer school program. My brother’s equally badass, smart, and generous girlfriend pointed me in the direction of the job in the first place, and on top of that, offered me a room in her home rent free for the duration of the program. I have an elephant’s memory for all those who have helped me along in my life, and if I don’t ever get the chance to repay you in some form, I pray for you all the time and I’m certain Karma, God, the Holy Spirit, the Tao, or whatever will give back to you on my behalf. For now, however, a public shout out and virtual slow clap to her and my brother. They’re awesome.

Anyway, so I began working in the summer camp, which had a great training segment and really knowledgable staff. [Aka people who actually studied education and were actively sharing their knowledge]. Through this experience I learned so much about dealing with behavior issues, planning lessons, filling time with more than just time wasters, how to start off on a stern foot and earn the respect of your students (which I have to say I’m far from mastering), and really just the rhyme and reason behind everything in a school (a lot of it is politics, but I’m referring to methodologies of teaching and incorporating a wide variety of tools to better adapt to a large and diverse classroom…which is also curbed by politics, I suppose). This year I’ve applied to do the position again because it’s the perfect time frame, and most certainly I’ll have more to offer and more to learn.

After I finished with the job, I went back to my parent’s house to spend two weeks with them. Around August 20th I jetted back to Boston to spend a week with my sister and my family out there. I had a wonderful visit with my sister where she asked me to be her Maid of Honor!! Yes, she’s getting married this summer, and to one of the most stand-up, cool, intelligent guys I’ve met. They make one hell of a pair.

Jill, Shelby, and I on a hike.
Jill, Shelby, and I on a hike.

While the summer flew by, and my time with friends and family was quite short, I was eagerly waiting for the moment to go Back to Spain.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the conclusions of the recap and more detail-dense posts.

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